Our meetings.

As of July 2022, our club is presently meeting on Tuesdays from 12:15- 1:30 PM at Elviarita's located at 725 First St, Benicia, CA;  At present, our weekly schedule has been modified with some LIVE meetings, some ZOOM meetings and some meetings that will go DARK.  To view or download a list of our meeting dates, speakers, types and location, click below.  For further information or if you wish be a guest speaker at our club, please email us at rotary@beniciarotary.org.

Click  for a list of speakers, times, and types of meetings.


April 2022
Allen Davis
Enriching Lives


May 2022 
Kyle Ochenduszko
Benicia Public Works

August 2022
Bart Bright
Adolescent Marijuana Abuse

September 2022
Susan Bragdon
District 5160 District Governor


September 2022
Celia Guevara  & Sheena Kawakami
Bike the Bridges